Vaping Myths

Electronic  Cigarettes have become very popular recently and there is a good reason why: They are a great alternative to traditional tobacco smoking & the bad old analog cigarettes many of us have now left behind.

However, there are many e-cig myths and misconceptions going around that are important to Clarify.

Here are a few of the most common misconceptions concerning electronic cigarettes:

[intense_collapse title=”MYTH 1. Electronic cigarettes are being aimed at minors:” active=”1″]

A very popular myth is that electronic cigarettes are being marketed toward children. This is an easy way for people to talk negatively about electronic cigarettes because it is a very sensitive subject. The truth is that the typical person who smokes an electronic cigarette is in their 40’s, according to a recent study.

You may also hear that the wide range of electronic cigarette cartridge flavors is proof that it is being aimed at underage smokers. The idea of flavored nicotine/tobacco products is nothing new. Flavored cigars have been around for a long time. This shows that the average adult smoker likes the option of having a variety of different flavors available.

The same goes for electronic cigarette smokers.

They also want to have a variety of options available to them. Reputable electronic cigarette companies are already well aware of the fact that their products should only be purchased by adults. They just ensure that their adult customers have the products that they desire, which includes a wide range of cartridge flavor options.

The main purpose of electronic cigarettes is to get current smokers to switch as opposed to pulling in non-smokers. A recent study even shows that over 95 percent of people purchasing the product are already current smokers, which further proves that point. The remainder of the purchases were from family/friends of smokers who are trying to help them make the switch away from traditional cigarettes.

[intense_collapse title=”MYTH 2. Nicotine is dangerous:”]

People will often say that any form of nicotine is bad for you, no matter how it is delivered. That is an argument that is often brought up when people discuss the safety of electronic cigarettes. The fact is that what primarily makes traditional cigarettes bad for you isn’t the nicotine, it’s actually the carcinogens caused by burning the tobacco/chemicals in the cigarette. That produces thousands of carcinogens. But nicotine on its own doesn’t contain those carcinogens, which means with an electronic cigarette that nicotine is delivered without the 4000 chemicals that are associated with a traditional cigarette.
[intense_collapse title=”MYTH 3. Who knows what is even in an electronic cigarette:”]

So if nicotine in itself isn’t bad for you, what about the other “”chemicals”” that are in an electronic cigarette? This is a popular question. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which try to hide what their tobacco/rolling paper really contains, reputable electronic cigarette companies proudly display what their flavor cartridges contain. The list of roughly 20 ingredients have been proven to be safe. The primary ingredient is Propylene Glycol, which replaces the harsh smoke you get from a traditional cigarette. Propylene Glycol has been used since the 1950’s in things such as asthma inhalers. It’s considered perfectly safe by the FDA.
[intense_collapse title=”MYTH 4. You can just quit smoking:”]

There are a lot of myths concerning smoking. Electronic cigarettes are helping people from all walks of life in a similar way that the patch and nicotine gum have helped people in the past. The fact is that for many people it can be nearly impossible to just suddenly stop smoking. Even as recently as 2008 there was a market increase in people who smoke traditional cigarettes. Prior to that there had been a steady 30 year decline. That is why people are looking for alternatives to traditional cigarettes, because they can’t just suddenly quit smoking. And electronic cigarettes are a perfect answer to many people’s prayers.


It is just important to get the facts and ignore many of the common myths that are floating around, such as the fact that electronic cigarettes are illegal in Canada. There is in fact no law that says electronic cigarettes are illegal in Canada, but a simple miss-classification by Health Canada has caused a lot of incorrect information to circulate.


This is a perfect example of getting the facts for yourself. Being informed of the benefits that electronic cigarettes can provide is your right as a smoker and as a consumer.