9: Electronic Cigarettes Health and Convenience

VAPING GUIDE: Chapter 9: Electronic Cigarettes Health and Convenience 

Electronic cigarettes have their fair share of critics, but this criticism is coming from a place of ignorance and usually isn’t something that is based in fact. People have a reaction to the act of “smoking” and anything they associate with that will have the negative connotations of that deadly habit placed upon its shoulders. Vaping is not smoking. There is no burning of anything, and the associated carcinogens and chemicals simply are not present. 

E-cigs vs. Tobacco

Improved Health:

The burden of the deaths of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people around the world rests with traditional tobacco products, namely cigarettes. All of the terrible chemicals present in inhaled tobacco smoke are not present in electronic cigarettes. Massive quantities of anecdotal evidence point to improved respiratory function, improved skin, improved sense of smell and taste, and a general feeling of freshness with an energy boost.

No Restrictions On Smoking :

Smoking is restricted almost everywhere you go. Even “smoking areas” are becoming ever increasingly few and far between. Bars, restaurants, public buildings, even many places outside have strict restrictions on lighting up…many times for good reason. With almost no exceptions, you can still vape in these places though, as there is no secondhand smoke. 

Even with some random restrictions on vaping popping up, it’s an easy thing to hide as there is little to no smell associated with vaping, any smell there is will generally not be noticed as it is a very pleasant smell in the first place. First and foremost, by vaping, you can get all the satisfaction of smoking with none of the negative health consequences to yourself or others around you, so you can do it nearly anywhere. 

Eliminate Secondhand Smoke:

A huge benefit of vaping over smoking is the lack of secondhand smoke, or “passive smoke”. You need not worry about damaging the health of people around you, your friends, family, or just the general public. 

Not only are you doing yourself a service by taking up a more healthy lifestyle, you’re being thoughtful of the people you surround yourself with. Some studies have even come out to show that in certain cases the health of the passive smoker is more greatly impacted than that of the smoker himself. 

Non-Flammable/No Ashtrays:

You cannot burn anything with electronic cigarettes as they don’t have to be lit on fire in order to operate. There is no incineration of plant material with e-cigs, so there is no risk of burns or fires. Just a simple battery and cartridge filled with e-liquid is all that is need, so you also eliminate the necessity of a lighter to enjoy your new healthy habit. 

Additionally, there is no need to have a stinky, disgusting ashtray around just to smoke indoors. So, outside of the health benefits, and aesthetic benefits, it’s simply more convenient to vape as opposed to the obsolete practice of smoking tobacco.


I am a convert and evangalist for the electronic cigarette revolution. I have seen my own life and that of many friends improved. It is now several years since I made the switch to smokeless vapor completely - not only no I feel so much better I honestly love vaping so much more than (did I ever LOVE smoking?...) tobacco cigarettes are obsolete. Vapor is the revolutionary solution the world has needed.

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