8: Electronic Cigarettes: Ten Facts For All Consumers

VAPING GUIDE: Chapter 8: Electronic Cigarettes:  Ten Facts For All Consumers

Since the discovery that traditional tobacco cigarettes are filled with tar, toxins, and cancer causing chemicals, scientists and manufactures have been working to develop an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette.  In 2007 the electronic cigarette was introduce to the marketplace with much success.  The electronic cigarette mimics the traditional tobacco cigarette in both look and feel, but they are a world apart.  Let’s explore some of the facts about electronic cigarettes, the revolutionary way to enjoy the smoking experience without the harmful side effects.

Not For Kids 

Electronic cigarettes may attract a lot of younger customers because of the flavors available to be used in the product. Many manufacturers and producers sell an assortment of flavors with the electronic cigarettes such as chocolate, berry, strawberry, cherry and so much more that they may play a huge role in attracting children towards them. Electronic cigarettes are sold on the internet and therefore there is no way the manufacturer of the product can know that the buyer is above 18 or not. However, generally, electronic cigarettes should not be purchased by kids. When purchasing traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is an age limit of 18+ but there is no age limit on buying electronic cigarettes.

No Smoking 

Electronic cigarettes look exactly like regular cigarettes but the one big difference between the two is that they don’t have to be lighted up like normal cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes operate on a battery and comprise of a vaporization chamber and a cartridge that contains e-liquid (has nicotine). The method of smoking electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes is the same. Once you turn on the electronic cigarette, it will heat the e-liquid in the cartridge to convert nicotine into vapor. Inhaling the liquid will deliver nicotine in your bloodstream and exhaling it will produce vapor (similar to smoke omitted by regular cigarettes). Electronic cigarettes don’t burn and they don’t smell like normal cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes can be purchased in varying levels of nicotine. Some cigarettes may contain as much nicotine as regular cigarettes and even more. Users can choose the nicotine level in their cartridges as majority of the manufacturers and producers leave this choice up to the users. Electronic cigarettes can also be purchased with zero level of nicotine. Most users decide to drop the nicotine level with time, starting from high level of nicotine to moderate and eventually zero.

Health Concerns 

Many health experts and regulatory agencies still remain unsure about electronic cigarettes and their impact on the smokers’ health. Even though there are many companies that are making electronic cigarettes worldwide, companies don’t list down particular safety or health claims on the product. The Food and Drug Administration along with health experts criticize the product because it makes smokers’ inhale nicotine directly. The FDA also argues that manufacturers and producers don’t list down the entire ingredients of the electronic cigarette on the product which makes them unsure about the chemicals and other toxins it contains.

Buyers and Sellers of Electronic Cigarettes 

Electronic cigarettes are sold across the world and can be purchased directly from the internet. The product was first created by a Chinese company named Ruyan but many companies in the U.S and globally produces the product themselves. Since there are restrictions on shipping the product, many companies have started to produce the product locally, in their domestic market. Electronic cigarettes can also be purchased by visiting the websites of the product’s manufacturer. There is no age limit on buying the product as you don’t have to show an identity on the internet to buy it. There are also no restrictions on getting your hands on the product in retail stores.

Can Be Smoked Everywhere 

Electronic cigarettes can generally be smoked everywhere, even in places where there is a ban on public smoking. A majority of the manufacturers and producers of the product cash in on this advantage in advertisements. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked everywhere including restaurants and airports since they don’t have to be lighted and they do not produce the harmful smoke of traditional tobacco cigarettes that so many non-smokers find offensive and even dangerous.

Require Maintenance 

Electronic cigarettes operate on batteries and therefore require maintenance. Once the battery drains, you have to charge it in order to use it again. However, all electronic cigarettes manufacturers and producers and producers and producers and producers give users the choice of buying additional batteries from saving them the trouble of having to wait for their battery to be charged again. Electronic cigarettes also require refill of e-liquids mostly on a weekly basis or more, depending on how often you smoke them. Refilling can either be done by users at home or they can simply buy e-liquids and adjust them in their cigarettes. Nicotine liquid or commonly known as e-liquid is also available in bulk for those who like to keep their items in stock.

One Time Investment 

Electronic cigarettes are expensive but they are a onetime investment. In the short term and long term both, they will help you save a lot of money as you will not be required to buy a pack of cigarette every other day or daily. A typical starter kit of electronic cigarettes cost about $60-$150. Some are cheaper and some are expensive. However, once you buy electronic cigarettes, you will not be required to spend money on them over and over again. Doing the math will help you determine how they can help you save a lot of money by keeping you from buying regular smokes.

No Secondhand Smoke 

Electronic cigarettes don’t produce any sort of secondhand smoke like regular cigarettes do. The vapor that is omitted by the cigarettes contains water and disperses within seconds of its release. Due to the fact that electronic cigarettes don’t emit harmful toxins in their smoke, they are considered a safe product. Moreover, it is widely believed that secondhand smokers (who inhale regular cigarettes’ smoke) are more prone to harmful diseases and the effect of regular cigarettes is higher for second hand smokers. However, all of these concerns are missing with electronic cigarettes because they don’t contain tobacco, they aren’t lighted and they don’t produce smoke that may be injurious to those around electronic cigarettes smokers.

Unregulated By FDA 

The Food and Drug Administration is currently in the process of determining the safety of electronic cigarettes and therefore the process of regulating them is still on hold. According to the manufacturers and of the product, electronic cigarettes are recreational and should not be taken up by the FDA for regulation. In the past, two popular electronic cigarettes brands, NJOY and Smoking Everywhere, filed a lawsuit against the FDA in the District of Columbia for seizing their products. The companies won, as the judge ruled “that there is no basis for the FDA to treat electronic cigarettes as a drug device combination when all they purport to do is offer consumers the same recreational effects as a regular cigarette”.


I am a convert and evangalist for the electronic cigarette revolution. I have seen my own life and that of many friends improved. It is now several years since I made the switch to smokeless vapor completely - not only no I feel so much better I honestly love vaping so much more than (did I ever LOVE smoking?...) tobacco cigarettes are obsolete. Vapor is the revolutionary solution the world has needed.

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