6: Choosing a Safer Electronic Cigarette

VAPING GUIDE: Chapter 6: Choosing a Safer Electronic Cigarette

Ever since electronic cigarettes first came on the market a few years ago, they have been at the center of a constant debate regarding safety. Despite this ongoing discussion, no consensus has yet been reached as to whether electronic cigarettes are safe or not.

Expert Opinions on Electronic Cigarettes

Even experts are divided on the issue of the safety of electronic cigarettes. Some argue that the product is not a suitable replacement for traditional tobacco cigarettes. Others advocate that electronic cigarettes are a more healthful choice for regular smokers.
Electronic cigarette expert James Oliver founder of Smokeless.net and VaporVenue Social Network believes that electronic cigarettes are definitely safer than traditional cigarettes. He recently wrote an opinion piece stating, 

“Despite others’ suggestions that electronic cigarettes are likely to be more safe than the morass of chemicals and toxins found in tobacco smoke, which is responsible for 400,000 deaths annually in the United States, this is not the equivalent of saying that electronic cigarettes can be viewed as completely safe or free of detrimental effects.” 

His entire article frames the discussion that the use of electronic cigarettes ought to be regarded as “reduction of harm” and not a completely risk-free tobacco alternative.

Additionally, Michael Siegel, who is a Boston University professor in the School of Public Health and has over two decades of experience in controlling tobacco, remarked that “While I cannot quantify the comparative safety of electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes, I can conclude that they are significantly safer. The inhalation of nicotine alone simply cannot be as detrimental as inhaling countless chemicals as well, including over forty known carcinogens.”

Even the American Association of Public Health Physicians has come out in support of electronic cigarettes. They recognize the reduced dangers of secondhand smoke and the diminished risk of developing tobacco-related diseases (up to 99.9%) as their main reasons for endorsing electronic cigarettes.

How to Choose a Trustworthy Manufacturer

Consumers have a lot to navigate when it comes to choosing an electronic cigarette. They might think they’re choosing a good brand with premium products, when the reality is anything but. The best course of action is to choose a reputable, very well-known brand, and to not choose cheap or flimsy options.
Many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes dodge health rules and regulations, and take advantage of consumers’ dearth of knowledge in order to prosper.
Here are a few signs of cheaply made electronic cigarettes:
  • Cartridges include known carcinogens
  • Manufacturers fasten components together using lead
  • Bacteria found in mouth pieces lead to adverse health impacts
  • Electrical outlet plugs do not meet safety standards
Carcinogens, just like those found in tobacco cigarettes, are detrimental to one’s health and eliminate one of the main benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes. If lead is used to manufacture electronic cigarettes, this can be inhaled by the user. Mouth pieces need to be free from bacteria, but some which are of poor quality or even previously used might lead to hepatitis or other diseases. Choosing a safe product from a reputable manufacturer is key to avoid these concerns.
How to Pick Safe Products
For the reasons outlined above, it is crucial to choose prominent and trustworthy manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. Prospective buyers should begin with internet research to learn about the market’s best brands. Don’t settle for cheap; cheap often means inferior quality.
To make the most of your research, find current electronic cigarette brand reviews. Compare brands to find out which one best suits your needs with their product line.
Lastly, once you’ve itemized what you’re looking for and found companies which are able to satisfy your needs, you’ll be ready to make a solid choice which protects your health and safety.

Qualities of Good Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers

What are the best things to pay attention to when determining whether an electronic cigarette manufacturer is up to par? 
Here are a few qualities to keep an eye out for.
High industry rankings are an indicator of a quality manufacturer. If everyone is buzzing about a particular company, chances are they’ve got the substance to back it up. 
One example (and out top-rated brand in 2014) is V2 Cigs. A quick internet search on this brand reveals many websites who have tried and reviewed the brand. Lesser-known manufacturers might be reviewed only by one, maybe two websites.
Money back guarantees are another hallmark of a reputable electronic cigarette brand. 
Unknown manufacturers can’t, or won’t, offer these. Great manufacturers who know they’re making quality products want to make their customers as satisfied as possible, even if it means refunding their money. Inferior and little-known manufacturers don’t care about their customer reputation, only with initial sales.
You will be hard pressed to find harmful toxins in the products of quality manufacturers.
Irrefutable brands who are only concerned with sales don’t care about what’s in their products. Top brands do their utmost to eliminate harmful chemicals and other toxins which can cause detrimental side effects, even severe ones such as a heart attack!
Finding top-quality manufacturers of electronic cigarettes will help you on your quest to stop smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes, which will improve your health by eliminating your exposure to harmful toxins. While many users unwisely sacrifice quality in the interest of cost, you now have the tools to avoid these pitfalls. 
Even if you choose a cheaper manufacturer for your first time trying electronic cigarettes, you know the benefits of choosing a quality manufacturer with reputable products. Because electronic cigarettes produce the best results when the products are of higher quality, it is critical that you choose the correct electronic cigarette brand for your needs.


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