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This site was created to give you the most relevant information about buying, maintaining and purchasing electronic cigarette gear. Whether you’re looking for a straight-forward and honest Electronic cigarette review, or you want to see related industry news, well written tutorials, or video guides… we’ve scoured every source possible to make it easy to decide which brand to use and/or switch to a better product.

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We always stay current with what’s going on in the industry and always bring you at least 10 Electronic cigarette reviews on top-rated products. Some reviewers are members of our team, while others come from people just like you, who want to share their personal experiences with various brands. Each of our Electronic cigarette reviews are based on all the qualities we all look for in an e-cigarette such as: smoke volume, ease-of-use, shipping speed, customer service, flavors available, battery life, customizable features, and how well each company fares with respect to following Electronic cigarette specifications created in this niche market.

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At the beginning of this page, we mentioned our educational media… each Electronic cigarette guide is written under the assumption that you’re new to “vaping” and you don’t have to worry about clicking through a dozen pages on Google, just to figure out how a smokeless cigarette is any better for you than the pack of smokes you buy at the store – a nicotine solution is vaporized in the device and then delivered to your lungs by water vapor, which mimics the sensation you get from taking a drag off a smoke.

Since this site and staff are an authority in the e-cigarette industry, we get a special Electronic cigarette report that’s compiled by manufacturers and other experts – practically delivered to us on a regular basis. We then take any relevant information that we learn and pass that information on to you, in the form of free guides, interesting videos… and with each and every Electronic cigarette review you see posted on this site. Both the site owner and many of our staff all “vape,” so you can rest assured all the information you find here has been analyzed by people who are passionate about this pastime.

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Tobacco smoke has 500 chemicals that enter your lungs with each drag: Over 40 of these chemicals are “known” to cause cancer. “Known” just means they have been studied and scientifically proven to cause cancer – many of the other chemicals haven’t been, so nobody really knows how many chemicals in tobacco are actually dangerous to you. If you’ve read any Electronic cigarette health reports, like we have, you know that most users feel 100 times better after switching from tobacco to an e-cig.

We think it’s healthier to “smoke” Electronic cigs (which don’t actually produce smoke, but rather a water based vapor lacking the tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and the hundreds of other carcinogens in cigarette smoke – quality “e-liquid” contains nothing but glycerin, nicotine and natural) and that’s why you can trust every singe Electronic cigarette review on this website – once you try “vaping” you’ll never switch back to tobacco!

The vapor from a smokeless cigarette mimics the sensation of smoking quite nicely, the hardest part of getting used to them is training your body to not crave the harshness of a tobacco smoke. Most people expect nicotine to taste raunchy, but it’s very smooth, particularly if you like smoking a flavored electronic cigarette.

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You probably have dozens of questions swirling around in your head right now: You’re excited about trying a smarter alternative to smoking tobacco, you like the idea of not having to worry about cancer every time you light up… but you still have questions. This website contains everything we’ve already mentioned, but also has a section for commonly asked questions (Q & A.) If there is something we’ve skipped over so far, we’ve likely covered it elsewhere on the page for you.

If we aren’t the first Electronic cigarette review site you’ve clicked on today, you’ve probably seen a lot of sites that offer nothing but product links. The reason behind these kinds of websites is normally to only make money. We’re here to be a resource for you and other people interested in “vaping.” The founder and staff here once had questions too – and since we ended up enjoying it so much, we created a website to help spread the word!

Each Electronic cigarette review available found on here does have direct links to manufacturers for your convenience, so feel free to click any of them if you want to get a closer look at what each of them offer. You will notice many of the top rated brands have exclusive coupon codes attached to them. Our relationship with ecig manufacturers and their advertisers give us the best deals to pass on to you – don’t be surprised if you save 5, 10, or even 20% over many other offers you’ve looked through.

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We aren’t going anywhere! There are plenty of Electronic cigarette review sites that pop up one day, then disappear into the sunset as fast as they started. We have all been smoking Electronic cigarette products since the craze began, and won’t be stopping anytime soon. Some people agonize about smoking tobacco, but continue smoking to get the nicotine fix they need so badly. If you love the extra focus and energy you get from that first cigarette of the day, then you already know how it feels to smoke an ecig all day long.

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Every cancer-stick you smoke through out the day overloads your body with more toxins – this is why the “first one of the day” is always the best for most tobacco smokers. With an electronic cigarette, you get that feeling each time you “vape” and it leaves you feeling clearheaded. Ever heard, or experienced increased dreaming (or waking up remembering what you dreamed about) as a result of quitting smoking? Two or three days after switching to an electronic cigarette you might just start remembering your dreams and what makes you passionate about life!

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After its introduction to the consumer market in the 1960s, electronic cigarette was not accepted by the conventional smokers all over the world. However, by the introduction of new technologies in the e-cigarettes and more safety equipments being introduced, e-cigarette became the talk of the town. Due to its longer life and affordable price, electronic cigarettes are attracting more and more consumers nowadays. If you want to get more information on the e-cigarette facts, then, electronic cigarette reviews are the best option for you.

There are many companies that are doing their best to make sure that the customers get the best e-cigarettes on an affordable price. This is why every company is trying their best to offer something unique in their cigarettes. You might find some companies that are concentrating on making safe and easy to use e-cigarettes. Some companies are making sure that they could provide a wide variety of flavours with the cigarettes. Some companies are providing cigarettes with different levels of nicotine in them, while some provide more dense smoke than others.

Green Smoke

One of these companies is Green Smoke E-cigarettes. There are many electronic cigarette reviews that discuss this top brand and many consumers who have written these reviews believe that this is one of the top brands in the e-cigarette market. The most intriguing factor of this brand’s cigarettes is the volume of smoke. Chain smokers, who like to keep smoking conventional cigarettes, seemed to be satisfied by the amount of smoke produced by these cigarettes. The company also provides a wide variety of flavours, and consumers believe that the flavours feel real. Also, another factor that attracts the consumers more towards this brand is that there e-cigarettes keeps improving. The company is putting a lot of effort to make sure that the customers are introduced to new flavours, and different types of e-cigarettes.

V2 E-cigarette

Another company that is taking the e-cigarette market to next level is the V2 cigs brand. This company had recently started to make a new line of accessories with their e-cigarettes. They are manufacturing their own batteries, chargers and cartridges of different types. Many electronic cigarette reviews sites are praising this company and their effort to make sure that conventional smokers make a switch to the e-cigarettes. They also provide different flavours, and best of all they provide different levels of nicotine in cartridges. They are utilizing the technology to the full, and have introduced different kinds of chargers, that also include a USB charger. This makes it easier for people who travel a lot, as they will never run out of e-cigarettes with the help of your laptop and the charger. There are different designs and colours to their cigarettes as well.

There are many more companies that are making sure that people make a serious switch to the electronic cigarettes, rather than using it for fun. With the advantages of less harmfulness, and the fact that they are cheaper than the normal cigarettes, it is not a bad deal. For further information, one can always refer Electronic cigarette reviews, for anonymous and true reviews.