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v2 cigs ecig starter kits

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Few brands have the quality and presence that V2 Cigs has in the market today.  Truly one of the leaders in the electronic cigarette market and few can compete on the level that V2 does.  From unique hardware to inventive flavors of eJuice, V2 has been a leader in the eCig vaper market and the future shows no letup in their innovation and quality.

Starter Kits by V2 Cigs

You could do much worse than purchasing a starter kit from V2 Cigs, despite the ubiquity of the components you get in a starter kit.  One look at a V2 package and you may be sold on their style alone.  Very few starter kits look the way that a V2 looks and it is just something you have to see for yourself to know.  V2 is Quality, period.

v2 cigs electronic ciarette starter kit

V2’s most basic kit comes with a single, high quality battery that lasts and lasts.  Also included is the usual USB wall charger and 6 cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength.  V2 is quite unique in the fact that they include one of their disposable eCigs for you to try.  Thanks v2!

v2 cigs review

More advanced eCig starter kits like the Standard+ and the Ultimate come with more accessories and more cartridges in a greater variety of flavors and strengths for you to sample.  That is what the starter kits are for, after all, to sample what the world or vaporizers has for you to try out.  V2 has almost too many options to list in this regard and you may just want to visit their site and see what strikes you, www.v2cigs.com.

What makes V2 eCigs different?

V2 has a cartridge system instead of a cartomizer.  There are many different systems for vaporizing on the market, but V2 has some of the best systems on the market and this is the one they excel at.  Flexibility is the name of the game here and having the atomizer outside of the flavor cartridge is one of my preferred designs, although your preferences may vary.  I happen to like to be able to refill like a tank system, yet have the smaller profile of the V2 cartridge system.