South Beach Smoke E-Cig Starter Kits

Starter Kits by South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is one of the originators of the modern vaping scene and they are still going strong!  Many people have started their paths into the vaping lifestyle by purchasing a South Beach Smoke starter kit and it is an economical way to get started.  You just can’t go wrong with dipping your toes into some South Beach Smoke!

south beach smoke starter kits

The company has been in the market awhile and actually offer 4 vapor cig starter kits to choose from.  3 “Deluxe” kits and a “Couples” kit that has 2 of everything.  Each kit comes with a few batteries in basic and x-tra capacity along with the usual USB wall charger and carts.  Speaking of carts, South Beach Smoke is generous in this regard and include 10 cartomizers in various flavors and strengths. (Nicotine levels 0 through 2.4%)


For $59.99 you can purchase the classic “Deluxe” kit that will get you started with some South Beach Smoke and has everything you need to start vaping.


South Beach Smoke ReviewThe Deluxe “Plus” ” is only a few more dollars but has the option to vape straight from USB power from a “power cig” when both of your batteries need to be charged and you just need a vape.  Definitely a great option to have and it happens more often than you might think!

For just a few dollars more you can buy the Deluxe “Ultimate and includes another x-tra capacity battery to the kit that is an automatic, which is standard unless you purposely choose manual type batteries. You also get a case and car charger unit and 20 cartomizers of your choice.



Express Starter Kit

The reusable “Express” eCig is a compelling choice from South Beach Smoke that is just a simple kit with a single battery, USB wall charger, and 2 cartomizers.  $21.99 is a great price point to start vaping and this simple kit is a great addition from a great brand to get people an easy, economical way into the vaping lifestyle they want to try out.


Warranty for an eCig?

You bet.  South Beach Smoke has been on the market for some time and can guarantee their quality with one of the best warranties in the business.  All of their hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee in addition to their 30 day return policy.  All of their eJuice cartomizers are made to the highest pharmaceutical standards here in the USA and come in many unique and traditional tabacco flavors.


Check the website for more info like strength and flavors: