Smokeless Image VOLT E-Cig Starter Kits

While not disposable, the Smokeless Image electronic cigarette Pack Kit is priced like a disposable e-cig. For only $20, the Smokeless Image Pack Kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to start vaping – $20 only which is less than what a pack of regular cigarettes costs!




Included in the kit are 1 rechargeable battery, 2 packs of cartridges and a USB charger.

If you’ve canvassed electronic cigarettes starter kits and disposable option, you’ll figure out right away that $20 is the price of some of the one-shot disposable e-cigs.

smokeless image kr808d-1 starter kits

The Smokeless Image Pack Kit: A Vaper’s Dream E-Cig

After all the raving you have a pretty good idea that the price is just unbelievable. But it gets even more incredulous when yu find out that it is manufactured and marketed by one of the top brands in electronic cigarettes. Smokeless Image is one of the premier brands in vaping. It will protect its reputation by making sure you will get a high quality product. Their business has grown so much that it can now offer this starter kit without having to compromise quality and craftsmanship. It was bound to happen since e-smoking is fast becoming the only logical alternative to traditional smoking.

Reorders of the Smokeless Image cartridges are being offered at very reasonable prices. The 5 pack costa about $9 which you can further compute to be equivalent to a worth a hundred cigarette sticks since each cartridge is equal to a pack of cigarettes. Thus, you’re buying five packs for less than $10. This is the most budget-friendly kit out there on the market right now, and that is no small feat.

Talking more about the battery, it’s a brand new innovation that Smokeless Image developed about a year ago. It pretty much lasts the whole night based on casual use; and charges way faster than any other battery out there. This quick-charging and long-lasting battery is really going to be the standard that everyone will compare every brand against, so competitors watch out. However, if you plan on vaping all night long like a heavy smoker, take along an extra battery pack that’s fully charged.



The look of the kit if very sleek and simple, a white battery and a black flavor cartridge makes the Smokeless Image Pack Kit look like a modern techie gadget, minimalist and very low key. This is a quality many vapers want in their e-cig since they don’t really desire to call attention to their nicotine habit. You probably won’t have the problem of being confronted for smoking in public with this e-cigarette.

At the steal price that it’s being sold at, you’re probably wondering about the quality of the smoke. Smokeless Image didn’t skimp on this in their Smokeless Image Pack Kit. It has the same quality as any other Smokeless Image product. You get a good size vapor cloud that bursts with flavor and gives you a really strong throat hit. This is all thanks to Smokeless Image’s revolutionary e-cigarette that challenged everything e-cigarette’s were and improved on them, lasting longer, making bigger clouds and removing most of the other problems that e-cigs have had.

The final verdict, Smokeless Image Pack Kit is the best in its price range; nothing can beat the starter kit at disposable e-cigarette prices.

For that low $20 you’re set to enter the vaping world without having to shell out more cash than necessary. Since it’s rechargeable, you won’t need to buy any more cigs, just plug and recharge and you’re set. The Smokeless Image Pack Kit is the perfect blend of quality and budget. Anyone wanting to start vaping without much investment (you can save even more with a Smokeless Image Coupon Code!) should go ahead and grab a Smokeless Image Pack Kit.