Halo Cigs E-Cig Starter Kits

Choice is a wonderful thing and Halo Cigs gives you more than most.  Their Triton Tank System or G6 eCig starter kits are some of the best on the market.  Like many other starter kits, you get the bare essentials and a few cartomizers with different flavors to get you started in the wonderful world of vaping.  Don’t worry, the usual suspects are here, batteries, charger, carts and case.

Starter Kits by Halo Cigs

Halo G6 Starter Kit

G6 eCig Starter

Like a bit of color in your life?  The G6 is the way to bring more of it into yours.  Electric Lime, Princess Pink, Deep Purple and, well you get the idea.  Lots of cool color choices from the busy folks at Halo.  These are some of the most striking eCigs out there right now and it would be hard to not find a color and design that fit in with your own personal style.  (Not to mention the ever mesmerizing glowing LED “cherry” that lights up every time you inhale.)

The $44.99 eCig G6 kit will net you 2 batteries in either manual or auto control and in 65mm or 78mm lengths.  5 carts in your choice of flavor and strength are included with the usual USB charger and handsome carry case. (Note that a case is a good idea to have with your choice of a manual battery.  Accidental engagement of the manual version can happen to anyone and a case is a good way to keep the embarrassment of accidental discharge to a minimum, if you know what I mean.  Always a hoot until it happens to you!)

Halo eJuice is made in the USA to pharmaceutical grade standards and sealed in tamper evident packaging for your safety.  Flavors include: Belgian Cocoa, Menthol Ice, Malibu (Pina Colada by any other name), as well as 4 traditional tobacco flavor styles in low to extra high nicotine strengths.

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Triton eCig Starter

Part of the fun of vaping is all the choice and flavor the lifestyle can bring.  Triton gets you further into the fun with a “Tank” style vaporizing cigarette from Halo.  Tank systems can be economical and more flexible than cartomizer systems.  You buy your eJuice in bulk and refill or customize flavors as you desire.  Only your imagination is the limit to what you can enjoy with a tank system and many advanced vapers like this kind of flexibility.

Triton Tank eCigs come in wild colors (11 of ‘em!) like Mocha or Demon Red.  In addition to the tank itself, the Triton comes with a mouth cone, USB wall charger and choice of 650mAH or 400mAh batteries (both manual).

The Triton also comes with unique tobacco flavors like Shamrock (a minty chocolate) and Tiki Juice ( a Tahitian style with dessert notes.)  There is a lot to recommend in a tank system and Halo does it right.  www.halocigs.com

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