Green Smoke E-Cig Starter Kits

Starter Kits by Green Smoke

Long one of the major selling brands, Green smoke has a reputation for quality hardware and outstanding flavors that other eCig brands always try to catch up to.  Green Smoke is just one of those brands that is hard to surpass!  You could do much worse than to buy a starter kit from Green Smoke and will be in good company should you choose to enter the world of vaping with one of their basic ecigarette kits!

ECig Starter Kits From GreenSmoke

Is a starter kit for me?


Do you like that you are inhaling the products of combustion every time you open one of the umpteen packs of traditional cigarettes you have in the past?  Yeah, that small twinge of guilt is telling you that a vaporizing electronic cigarette may be in your future.  You won’t have to go outside in the cold to get your nicotine fix and you definitely don’t have to find some place for that cig butt.  The butt of an eCig is actually a battery that is your new best friend!

Green Smoke Starter Kits ECIGS

In addition to the battery instead of a butt filter, an eCig has a “Cartomizer” that takes the place of leaf tobacco and contains “eJuice” that comes in more varied flavors and strengths.  Traditional combustive cigarettes just can’t compare to modern electronic cigarettes for convenience and flexibility.  (Not to mention no longer paving your lungs with a tar roadway!)


Vapor Cigarette Beginners and Green Smoke = Solid Match

Now that you’ve made the decision to go smokeless and go vapor, one of the most economical ways to get into the vaporizing lifestyle is to purchase a “Classic” starter kit.  These usually contain a few batteries   in addition to a few cartomizers and the usual USB charging unit.  Green Smoke will include 5 cartomizers in their basic kit along with a carry case.  Most starter kits vary in flavor or strengths of the eJuice included but usually contain these basic components listed above and it will be all you need as someone new to vaping.

Each cartomizer is quite unlike an individual cigarette like you may be used to.  These are not “one sitting” nicotine dispensers.  Cartomizers can last many days depending on your use.  Green Smoke has you covered in any area the beginner may have questions on and the Classic is a great kit for them.

Advanced vapers like choice and lots of it.  Advanced vapers also usually love to share in their new lifestyle with someone else or even some special someone.  For those discerning vapers Green Smoke makes the “Love Birds” kit that comes with 2 of every flavor and piece of hardware.

Confused?  Green Smoke has a handy chart on all of their website that spells out the various options they have available in a simple matrix so that you can compare.  Just visit and get membership in the exclusive Green Smoke Member’s club.  Just like many other brands, Green Smoke has reward points every time you make a purchase that can help you save on future purchases.  Thanks Green Smoke!