Eversmoke E-Cig Starter Kits

So you have decided to quit the dirty habit and come over to the clean side of enjoying nicotine?  Congratulations, Eversmoke has the package just right for you!  Disposable or rechargeable, Eversmoke will have you covered.  Join the eCig revolution with all of your other friends and you will find your health changing for the better in no time.


 Starter Kits by Eversmoke

“Express” by Eversmoke


There is no denying that a starter kit is how most new vapers dip their toes into the waters of vaporizing electronic cigarettes.  These are a great and economical choice to try out the vaping lifestyle and see if you fit into it.  One basic battery is included in the kit along with the usual USB wall charger.  You can expect 2 cartomizers with traditional tobacco or menthol flavors in 18mg levels.  Much more sensible than a disposable eCig in that you aren’t always buying new batteries and cartomizers.

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Bulk Discount

Everysmoke’s disposable eCigs can be a great way to get into vaping, but the real value is in a more advanced starter kit.  A $49.99 kit is economical when you consider what each basic component might cost if you consider a build it yourself option even before you add in the cartomizers to actually begin vaping.  (Which would quickly add up to almost $66!)  The more advanced “Pro” $79.99 starter kit comes with a car charging adapter and even more cartomizers in your choice of flavors and strengths.




The “Ultimate” e-cig kit adds a 15 cartomizer selection to the kit, usually priced at $39.99 itself, as well has a handsome portable charging carrying case for a competitive $149.99 and will give you everything you may need to start vaping in style.




Infinite Flavors – EverSmoke Kits Offer Lots Of Premium and Exotic Flavor Delights

The “Pro” and “Ultimate” kits allow you the choice of flavor and strengths that make vaporizing culture so flexible and fun compared to traditional smoking.  Packs come in multiples of 15 – 30 – 45 and come in a variety of flavors.  In addition to the traditional tobaccos and menthol you can choose unique flavors like pina colada, peach, coffee, cherry, chocolate or vanilla.  The nicotine strengths are easy to understand and come in no nicotine levels all the way up to full flavor and bold.  The more you by the more you save at www.eversmoke.com!