BullSmoke E-Cig Starter Kits

The Bull Smoke eCig company likes to enlighten and simplify the new electronic cigarette user’s decision.  Simple eCig kits from Bull Smoke contain the same vary only in the flavors and nicotine strengths that you can buy.  They don’t want to confuse the new user and only wish to introduce themselves with high quality eCig batteries and eJuice that speak for themselves.


Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - GREAT Value - $29.95 Plus Save 10% With Coupon Code EVAPE10

Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – GREAT Value – $29.95 Plus Save 10% With Coupon Code EVAPE10

Ranch Hand by Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke sounds like a manly man’s brand for sure and that is definitely the case with their more traditional flavors of eJuice like tobacco.  (You may graduate to the more unusual flavors in the future.)

The “Ranch Hand” starter kit comes with an extra-long “Kentucky” battery in addition to the “Stubby” just for fun, something few other starter kits offer.  10 pre-atomized cartomizers come included with the usual USB wall charger/express adapter.

Where Bull Smoke sets themselves apart other than the battery lengths is their more traditional flavorings.  5 “American Ranger” tobacco flavor cartomizers are reminiscent of a Virginia single leaf style come in the package in addition to the unique Turkish style included.  For $29.95 you can choose your own nicotine level and get started in the wonderful world of vaping.


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City Slicker by Bull Smoke

If you find yourself more of an urban vaper, Bull Smoke’s City Slicker may be the right choice for you.  There’s nothing wrong with smelling of chocolate or peppermint when you exhale a big cloud of vapor from the City Slicker and that is what this ecig starter kit is made for.  The urban lifestyle is all about uniqueness and this starter kit indulges you here.

BullSmoke City Slicker ECIG Starter Kit

BullSmoke City Slicker ECIG Starter Kit

The same quality equipment from the Ranch Hand is paired with Bull Smokes more varied nicotine flavored cartridges.  You can expect a sample of a couple different tobaccos (including a menthol), plus the addition of grape, coffee, peppermint ice and vanilla.  A great way to start trying out the different flavors from Bull Smoke!  They even include cherry and chocolate cartomizers!


Comparative Cost

Starter kits from Bull Smoke are very competitive in the $30 range in addition to having more cartomizers in each package than other brands.  Bull Smoke even has reward points or “Bucks” that you get with any purchase to help save on future ones.  Sweet deal!  www.bullsmoke.com