Apollo E-Cigs Starter Kits

Starter Electronic Cigarette Kits By Apollo

You don’t have to be a beginning smoker to enjoy Apollo electronic vaporizing cigarettes since there is a lot for the more experienced users to appreciate in Apollo’s starter vape kits.  Intermediate and beginners kits from Apollo cater to the discriminating “Vaper” who require long battery life in their eCig.


Just Getting Into “Vaping”?

An electronic vaporizing cigarette has been around for a while, but only recently has the category taken off with the advent of smaller, more efficient, and long lasting lithium ion batteries.  Many smokers know these new vaporizing pens as “eCigs” and that they consist mainly of a two part system with batteries and cartridges.  They still have that wonderful cherry glowing on the end as you inhale, just without all of the downsides of actually inhaling the products of combustion.

apollo new 2014 e cigarette starter kit eslim

apollo new 2014 e cigarette starter kit eslim

Most basic starting kits will come packaged with two batteries that can last an hour or two under average usage.  In addition to the batteries you will find the nicotine strength and flavor inside the cartomizers that contain the nicotine vapor liquid with up to five per package, plus the USB wall charging unit.  Many chargers are portable for “on the go” recharging of the eCig.

Starter Extreme kits can also be purchased with “extreme” in this case meaning a very bare bones e-cigarette kit with mucho power.  Only the extreme essentials!  This kind of kit is usually a very cost effective way to get into the world of vaping.  Batteries still come by the twos of course, but are more powerful and longer lasting than more basic kits.  Again, a five pack of cartomizers in your desired nicotine level and flavor is included in an extreme bare bones package along with the usual USB travel charger.

Apollo ECIG Extreme Starter Kit - Our Recommended Kit To Start With If You Are New To Vaping

Apollo ECIG Extreme Starter Kit – Our Recommended Kit To Start With If You Are New To Vaping or want a KR808D Compatible, Well Made Kit From A Top Notch Brand

 Apollo’s packaging makes it very clear in their packaging which usage scenario each basic and extreme kit is for, depending on how much you think your smoking usage scenario matches the life of the battery stated on the box.  Light or heavy, Apollo has you covered.

The Apollo eGo Superior

The “eGo Superior” kit is geared toward an intermediate smoker who desires to get into the world of electronic cigarettes, with a battery that can stand up to 9 hours of moderate usage.  A string pouch and refilling “eJuice” bottle for the 2 transparent tanks or “Clearomizers” is included.  The eGo comes in 8 different colors to suit your tastes, as well as a variety of flavors to do the same.  The eGo Superior is competitively priced with more basic kits from other manufacturers and offer outstanding value for the price.

ecig close up (2)

Power That You Control

Apollo’’s “vTube” is the starter kit for the more discerning and advance vaper.  The standard kit’s 2 batteries still come standard in heavy duty iterations, but the vTube allows the user to control the power output along with a couple of small “Clearomizers” and USB travel charger.  It may be twice the cost of the ”eGo”, but power vapers will be satisfied what this kit has to offer.

Apollo VTUBE Mod E Cig Starter Kit

Apollo VTUBE Mod E Cig Starter Kit