White Cloud E-Cig Review

White Cloud is an e-cigarette company based in Florida. The company was launched in 2008. The founders of this company Danielle, Michael Murray and Mathew Steingraber started as distributors of famous e-cigarette brands before making the decision to set up a company that offer improved e-cigarette quality. The goal was to manufacture e-cigs that that have better quality than all the e-cigs that were in the market at the time. This led to the birth off White Cloud.

Today White cloud is one of the renowned companies in the electronic cigarette market. It is a BBB accredited business from 22 may 2012 with an A rating. The company dedicates most of its resources to development and research with an aim of manufacturing products with low failure rates and a long life span. The company also values its customers’ feedback and usually uses them to improve its products. This explains why e-cigs from White Cloud are of high quality.

Notable Qualities of White Cloud E-cigarettes
1. White cloud e-cigs come with extra strength cartridges. This makes them last for a long time.
2. The batteries are based on the lithium polymer design which allows the brand users to have a full 8 to 9 seconds draw. The batteries can also last up to 3 days after a single charge.
White cloud e-cigs smoker are happy with the design, flavors and battery life. When you look at the package of these cigarettes, it is very clear that the company has put serious effort to make a good presentation. Everything appears to be top notch, from the materials used to the printing. The design can make you feel like you have purchased a product that is of very high quality.
Another standout feature that has captured the hearts of many users of this cigarette brand is the flavors. The taste of the different flavors offered is extremely realistic. Some of the flavors include Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Tobacco, Clove, Strawberry, Kick, Chocolate and Snap.
The pros and cons of White Cloud e-cigs
The pros
1. They allow quiet and smooth draw.
2. High vapor production
3. Availability of a high variety of flavors
4. 6 nicotine levels available
5. Intuitive accessories
6. Unmatched throat hit
7. Extended 2 years warranty
8. Stealth vaping options due the phantom batteries.
The cons
1. No free shipping
2. Different nicotine levels are not available for all flavors.
3. No e-liquid
Therefore, if you have been looking for e-cigs that you can use without hearing popping or cracking sounds, White Cloud e-cigarettes are ideal for you. You will enjoy the smooth flowing white vapor that does not have a harsh taste without irritating the people around you.
The general quality of an e-cig, the battery life and the flavors available are the main aspects that e-cig smokers should look for when searching for a perfect e-cigarette. From this White Cloud review, there is no doubt that this brand of e-cigarette satisfies all these important aspects. Although White Cloud e-cigarettes are generally expensive than other e-cigarette brands, their high quality justify their price.
To see all the products offered by White Cloud Company, you can visit http://www.whitecloudelectroniccigarettes.com.

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