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In the modern world, most business organizations focus on selling VV/VW and mechanical mods over a specific value or stick with eGo style electronic cigarettes. Companies also focus on some inexpensive electronic cigarettes. However, Vapure carries some of the most unusual brands, like Kamry and Innokin. In addition to this, the company also deals in some mechanical electronic cigarettes which are less known to an average vaper.

Overview of Some Brands

As mentioned earlier, Vapure deals in many different brands. According to almost every Vapure review, you can choose from many reputed brands. Underdog Customs has always been considered an underdog because of the lesser publicity it receives. Most publicity is hogged by other established brands.

The big mods from Vapure include Trident and Fuse. Vicious Ant is also popular and better known. Another name on Vapure’s list of high end electronic cigarettes is Master Tek. In addition to this, Vapure also carries the Vision Eternity, Atom Elite Mechanical Mod, Kanger Mini Protank and Diablo Hybrid.

Since Kanger has been in the industry for a long time, it is a household name in the electronic cigarettes industry. Vapers have always trusted this brand. Vapure also gives you an opportunity to buy accessories like droppers and bottles for filling tanks, OHM reader, wick for rebuilding atomizers and coil.

Most of the time, Vapure seems like a place which is quite comfortable in selling expensive electronic cigarettes and accessories to experienced vapers. They also offer some affordable and popular products for individuals who probably need help to rebuild their atomizers.

Juicey Vapure Premium – Designed in the United States

Vapure sells a wide range of juices which have been extremely popular among both beginner and experienced vapers. Black Ice is the most popular juice featuring menthol and black licorice. Even Kiwi Menthol can offer a unique twist on the mint/fruit blends you commonly notice in the market. Similarly, customers have also loved Screamin Mimo, which is a combination of Mimosa and nectarine champagne.

Vapure also sells basic tobacco juices for people who like the feel of traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can choose from 0 mg, 11 mg and 24 mg nicotine strength in a 5 ml bottle for just $3.95.

If you’re trying e-juice for the first time, this small bottle can be your perfect choice. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to try it. However, in case you’ve already chosen a specific e-juice, Vapure also sells larger bottles. Every Vapure review on the Internet has criticised the nicotine range. It drops down sharp from 24 mg to 11 mg. Thus, experienced vapers won’t be able to enjoy a good throat hit.


‘ Starter kits from the company offer decent vapor production
‘ 2 piece ease for beginners


‘ Some people have criticised the support of the company

Vapure was set up in San Diego in 2007. The company’s roots still stay in the same place. Currently, Vapure has stores in Chula Vista, Murrieta, Santee, Escondido, Mesa, Kearny and Mission Valley. The company has a major presence in California. The prices of starter kits from this company are affordable. Moreover, mods from the company are also high end and reasonably priced.

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