Royal Smoke Review

Royal Smoke refers to a brick and mortar shop where electronic cigarettes are sold. It also refers to an online name that leads to e cig products from China. All the products that Royal Smoke stocks are directly shipped from China, something that helps keep their prices low.

The shop sells virtually all products needed for an e-cig. This includes basic starter kits, atomizers, chargers, premium starter kits, and batteries, disposables premium cartridges, dripping accessories, e-liquid solutions, wall charger and personal charging case among other things.

Royal Smoke Review

You might have left cigalikes behind and now want to search for VV and eGO models. One of the companies to check out is Royal Smoke. However, as soon as you log onto their website and click on a certain product like Twist or an eVod, it leads you to another website. At that point, you really wonder who is Royal Smoke.

By clicking on starter kits, a long list of these is displayed to you on the screen. These include Lavatube, eVod, e-pipe as well as herb vaporizer kit. Also, they stock 1 token cigalike starter kit. For blister packs that contain one unit of e cig tank and USB tend to be dirt cheap. Each one costs less than $10. Also, the supplier will allow you to build own blister pack.

Thus, a $6.85 eVod-eGo is so named because it is replete with 1 e cig unit as well as a carry case. On the other hand, eVod-eGo product consists of an empty needle bottle (10ml), a USB, one eVod or eGo battery, select 1.8-3.2ohm resistance. There are a variety of colors that it may come in and this includes green neon, pink, and orange among other colors. The cost of e-liquid is next to zero.

This is because microliq’s e-liquid is incredibly inexpensive. It makes it difficult for any American company to compete. The taste is as cheap as the price. Immediately you take a puff, you will realize that there is indeed a big difference between American and Chinese juice with regard to taste. It offers more than 124 flavors from which to choose. I suggest you try 6-pack 30ml bottle that costs $14.99.

Having known the items sold at Royal Smoke shop, let’s take a moment to see their pros and cons


‘ 30-day money back guarantee

Should you not be absolutely content with the products that you buy at Royal Smoke, be sure that your money will be refunded in its entirety within one month of purchase.

‘ Free shipping

Upon purchasing online, it won’t cost you a dime to ship it to your location.


The price may be cheap but the flavor and quality does not meet the American standards.

Final thoughts on Royal Smoke Review

Visiting this site gives you an impression that it can really be cheap when you buy e cigs overseas. The profits too are incredible. Given the high manufacturing costs in the US, it is far more expensive to buy USA-made e cig paraphernalia. This makes it quite hard to compete with price tags of chines products.

I am a convert and evangalist for the electronic cigarette revolution. I have seen my own life and that of many friends improved. It is now several years since I made the switch to smokeless vapor completely - not only no I feel so much better I honestly love vaping so much more than (did I ever LOVE smoking?...) tobacco cigarettes are obsolete. Vapor is the revolutionary solution the world has needed.

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