Pure Cigs Review

Pure Cigs is one of the most popular electronic cigarette (e-cig) brands in the market today. Pure cigs are popular for their impressive starter kit variety i.e. the brand offers 13 kits to suit the unique needs of all types of vapers (e-cig smokers). The brand also offers variety on cartomizers i.e. 14 flavours from tobacco and menthol to nutty and cherry flavours.

Pure cigs also offer a rich tank variety (15 varieties to be specific) and numerous accessories for optimizing the e-cig experience. Some of the most popular and unique Pure Cigs accessories include; the iTaste pouch, eGo Case, eGo lanyard, eGo stand and the LiPo bag. In summary, the Pure Cigs brand is synonymous with high quality and an impressive e-cig component and accessory variety.

Top qualities of Pure Cigs
Pure Cigs stand out because of a number of things. Below are the top qualities of Pure Cigs that cement the brand’s reputation as a top e-cig brand.

1. Superior e-cig design
Unlike other e-cig brands out there in the market, Pure Cigs aren’t designed in a hurry. They feature carefully thought out e-cig designs aimed at offering vapers the ultimate e-cig smoking experience. For instance, the e-cigs are sold with variable voltage button locks to allow you to charge the e-cig almost anywhere. Also, the e-cigs come with a USB charger allowing you to charge your e-cig using a computer. It doesn’t get more sophisticated than this when talking about e-cig designs that are carefully thought out. There are very few e-cig brands (if any) offering such intrinsic e-cig designs.

2. Serious flavours
Pure Cigs don’t just offer plain flavours. They offer 100% taste. This is where most e-cig brands fail. The flavour selection offers variety and quality at the same time. This is what separates Pure Cigs from the other e-cig brands in the market today.

What e-cig users think about Pure Cigs
According to numerous Pure Cigs customer reviews online, the brand is considered as one of the best in the market today. Pure Cigs users love the fact that the e-cigs have superior designs which offer the ultimate e-cig smoking experience. According to most reviews, Pure Cigs feature well thought out designs addressing all aspects of the e-cig smoking experience from charging to offering rich vapour volume.

Pure Cigs users also love the fact that the brand’s components and accessories are reasonably priced despite offering superior quality. For instance, it is possible to get a starter kit for as low as $19.99. Such a price is unheard off when buying a starter kit from a superior e-cig brand. In a nutshell, Pure Cigs are liked by many vapers. The e-cigs are suitable for all kinds of vapers since Pure Cigs components and accessories are available in a wide variety in all price ranges.

Final thought on Pure Cigs
In summary, Pure Cigs stand out in every aspect. Pure Cigs users love the component and accessory variety and uniqueness. They also love the pricing. Pure Cigs have everything for all kinds of e-cig vapers from simple beginner kits to sophisticated ones and highly specialized accessories. Although some customers claim that some starter kits are expensive i.e. the iTaste 134 (costs $139.99), such kits are meant for experienced or heavy vapers looking for extremely superior and unique starter kits. Pure Cigs are undoubtedly among the top e-cig brands in the market today.

For more information on Pure Cigs; visit the official website: http://www.purecigs.com

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