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Pro Smoke e-cigs are manufactured, assembled and tested in a certified 40,000 square foot production facility in Chicago, Illinois. ProSmoke therefore boasts of having one of the largest e-cig manufacturing facilities in the world. The brand’s certification also ensures production of high quality e-cig components and accessories.

The brand has definitely earned its place at the top of the e-cig industry. From instance, ProSmoke is the first and only certified green company of its kind in America and the world at large. The company has been certified by the GBB (Green Business Bureau) as a Green American Business. GBB certification exemplifies ProSmoke’s dedication to being the best e-cig brand in the world.

ProSmoke continues to receive recognition as one of the best performers in the e-cig industry. The company has been rated highly on production, taste, vapour, design, customer service, value, availability and shipment speed. ProSmoke was just recently recognized by Google as a favourite place. Very few businesses receive such recognition.

Notable qualities of the Pro Smoke brand

1. Top rated e-cig brand on many review sites: But there is a bit of a cavaet here. Most of these reviews are out of data, as the product itself isn’t entirely cutting-edge and thus doesn’t quite stack up in comparison to cometition as well as ProSMOKE once did.

They are produced in a facility that is world-class, certified and green. Pro Smoke is also among the most popular e-cig brands – though as mentioned throughout this site – popularity shouldnt be confused for quality. That said prosmoke is a reasonably high quality ecig product backed by a stable and solid company that should be around into the future to support you and their products.

2. quality standards: ProSmoke has invested millions of dollars in its high tech e-cig production facility. The company also utilizes the best e-cig making methods, technology and professionals. This automatically translates to highest quality standards possible in the e-cig industry.

What Pro Smoke users think: Pros and cons

According to most customer reviews online, almost all Pro Smoke users agree that Pro Smoke is one of the better e-cig brands in the world. Many users love the fact that Pro Smoke makes e-cigs in an environmental friendly way.

Pro Smoke users also praise the high quality of e-cigs, components and accessories. They also love the fact that the e-cigs taste like real tobacco cigarettes. This is a very important pro when it comes to new users making the transition to vaping – whereas many users like to NOT vape tobacco flavors after some solid experience with a first ecig. For this reason we thing prosmoke is best suited to new ecig users.

Lastly, Pro Smoke users like the fact that the e-cigs are readily available across America. Unlike many other e-cig brands which have to be ordered online and shipped to customers, Pro Smoke e-cigs are available across America in Pro Smoke warehouses spread across the US. You therefore don’t have to waste time waiting for you shipment to arrive.


Some e-cig smokers (vapers) feel $59.99 is on the higher side for a basic e-cig starter kit – while we do not in theory agree (some of the best values online for ecig kits can sell up to 150$ or more – like the amazing price for V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit which comes with a huge amount more bundled vaping gear, refills, batteries and more).

The ProSmoke ECig

In summary, Pro Smoke is undoubtedly one of the best e-cig brands in the market. The brand stands out in every way from the production process to the final product. Although Pro Smoke offers only 3 starter kits i.e. the starter kit, super starter kit and the deluxe starter kit, the e-cig brand is idea for both new and experienced vapers since all the kits have been carefully thought out.
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