Mistic E Cig Review

Summary of Mistic E Cig

Unlike many e-cig brands, Mistic seems to be focusing on quite a specific audience. While most brands aim at selling at least 8 different kinds of e-juice, Mistic appears to have taken a completely different approach to vaping. This seems a cheap option but it does not necessarily thrill the smokers. There is no other meaning for cheap other than being just that. It is no top quality.

Mistic e-cig is so far the cheapest in the market

If you are really on budget and want to smoke only the cheapest e-cig in the market, then Mistic e-cig is your undisputable choice. Nowhere else can you find products being sold this cheaply, unless of course you are buying on wholesale.

Disposable cost only $5.99 together with their soft top. For starter kits, be ready to pay from $14.99. The Mistic 2 will normally come with 2 cartridges, a USB charger, and a rechargeable battery. It is considerably cheap.

Mistic 3, on the other hand, comes with another third cartridge, swivel wall as well as the USB. Even though the cartridges that you have are evidently too few, you can buy another starter that has even more cartridges. This can cost you anywhere between $5 and $10. Again, this is a relatively fine price.

Also, Mistic E Cig sells a set of 108 products which is usually in its own packaging. It is in fact ready to on the counter. The fact that the variety is already chosen for you means you really have no choice but to take what is there.

If you realize that you do not like the starter kit, there is always the option of a car charger. This goes for $9.99 and is sold separately. Alternatively, you could purchase a gift set containing a car charger, Mistic 3 set, 10 cartridges and portable charger case. Five-pack refills will cost you $14.99.

Although Mistic E Cig features the cheapest products, it surely has pros and cons. Let’s look at them.


Other than being the best product for people who are on a budget, it is the perfect e-cig for people who are no thrilled by dessert-flavored e-juice. You can find its cartridges in either tobacco or menthol and the nicotine percentage also varies from 0, 1.2, 1.8 or 2.4.


You may not know what the flavor is like as well as how its hardware behaves. A look at the company’s web page shows many 4 and 5 stars. However, as you continue with the e-cig, you realize that it lacks in great flavor and powerful vapor potential. At this point, you also realize that cheap price also means a lesser product.

The battery might be surprisingly cheap considering the price. However, one major problem is associated with Mistic: the flavors. Vapers do not like the flavors on offer and tend to refill using their own liquids.

Final thoughts on Mistic E Cig 2014 review

The word Mistic might be close to Mystic but nothing is mystical about it. The price is great but if you care about quality and flavor, this is something to stay away from. In short, if you want better quality, you have to pay more.

I am a convert and evangalist for the electronic cigarette revolution. I have seen my own life and that of many friends improved. It is now several years since I made the switch to smokeless vapor completely - not only no I feel so much better I honestly love vaping so much more than (did I ever LOVE smoking?...) tobacco cigarettes are obsolete. Vapor is the revolutionary solution the world has needed.

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