Innokin iTaste Review

Innokin iTaste is one of the most popular electronic cigarette items available in the market. At the first glance, these products look like they’ve been specifically designed with advanced vaper in mind. Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 and MVP kits come with clean, modern and flawless designs. Almost every major electronic cigarette retailer dealing in advanced vaper sells Innokin products. Here is an Innokin iTaste review to help you make an informed choice.

iTaste VV V3.0

Advanced vapers always look for maximum battery capacity. They even want easy control of the personal vaping machine. The Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 offers 6-11 watt or 3.5 to 5.0 volts power variation which you can set according to your needs and preferences. The unit even contains a microprocessor chip, and works like a mini computer to remember your settings.

Since there is also a short circuit feature, you are never at the mercy of some faulty malfunctioning. In other words, if the atomizer does not function properly, the whole system will not short out. In addition to this, 510 thread of iTaste is completely compatible with many different clearomizers from Innokin and other brands.

According to every Innokin iTaste review on the Internet, this is one of the best electronic cigarettes in the market. The price on the official website is also quite low. The Express Kit will just cost $30.95. At this price, you will get a vibrant square device, 800 mAh battery and USB charger. It is important to understand that this product has been specifically designed for veteran vapers. Moreover, you also have to buy e-liquid and clearomizers separately.

MVP from iTaste

In case you’re looking for more power, you can try the MVP 2.0. Version 2.0 in this case indicates Mach 2. This product comes with a 2600 mAh battery. This battery has the same kind of wattage or voltage variation like iTaste VV V3.0. It can last for a very long time to offer a delightful vaping experience.

The variation in voltage and wattage allows you to set the resistance and power of your atomizer. This makes sure the vaper suits your needs, tastes and preferences. Since Innokin iTaste is completely compatible with many different brands of atomizers and clearomizers, you can choose from a wide range of resistance figures.

Most customers who’ve used the Innokin iTaste MVP consider it to be even better than iTaste VV V.0. This product has been loved by customers. A high power battery lasting a long time is the primary reason for its increasing popularity. With a 2600 mAh battery, this unit can produce a dense volume of vapor, and provide you with a delightful vaping experience.


‘ Looks stylish and vibrant
‘ Offers a delightful vaping experience
‘ Long lasting battery for better vaping experience
‘ Crystal clear display to change voltage
‘ Simple voltage adjustments with two buttons
‘ Battery level indicator
‘ Affordable prices


‘ The buttons feel cheap
‘ Chargers seem low quality
‘ Charger is no longer a mini USB
‘ No adaptors available for eGo

In the last few years, Innokin iTaste has been extremely popular among both beginner and experienced vapers. Products from this company are available at affordable prices. They are high quality and provide you with a satisfactory vaping experience.

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