Buy An Electronic Cigarette in 2014

Buy Electronic Cigarette Online for the Best Selection and Convenience

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Electronic smoking is fast becoming a preferred alternative to conventional smoking. It is smokeless, doesn’t have tar, CO2 or any of thousands of toxic chemicals laced in tobacco smoke, and more accepted in some areas where conventional cigarettes are not allowed. Many choose to buy electronic cigarette purchases online. There are more choices to select from, and it is more convenient. In addition, it is often less expensive than buying from other sources. It is definitely less expensive than conventional cigarette purchases.


When You Buy An E Cigarette Online You Can Save Even More With Our Electronic CIgarette Coupons - Another Perk Of Vaping the ECommerce Way

When You Buy An E Cigarette Online You Can Save Even More With Our Electronic CIgarette Coupons – Another Perk Of Vaping the ECommerce Way


The case e-cigarette sales online vs retail stores (whether a convenience store, a big-box store or even a specialty vaping shop), E-Cigarettes are a perfect case where ordering online offers the consumer many more benefits.

For those who are looking to buy electronic cigarettes, you have a larger number of options, will generally pay less and many of the best products simply aren’t available offline


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The argument is being used by the anti-ecig lobby that online shopping makes electronic cigarettes easier for children and teens to get ahold of is bunk.

The tactic has been used in many past cases as framing an issue as ‘good for our youth’ pulls on our heartstrings (and has tended to work in courts). The argument has zero substance or reality to it however; I know from experience (at around age 16 on) that finding out from word of mouth which convenience store doesn’t card or looks the other way (there’s always a few – always). When some kid in high-school looking to rebel and score a cigarette (rebelious teens still actually prefer tobacco but that aside) wouldn’t you think spending $5 or so for an electronic cigarette in such a store would be a little more appealing to them then finding a credit card to use (some brands like V2 have proactive security profiling) placing an online order – then wait (teens aren’t known for their patience) for the contraband to hopefully not get intercepted by parents/guardian on delivery. In their shoes which seems likelier?

[/well] is renowned as the top electronic cigarette brand's website for the streamlined and enjoyable online shopping (and order customization). is renowned as the top electronic cigarette brand’s website for the streamlined and enjoyable online shopping (and order customization).

There are many different types of electronic smokeless cigarettes to choose from.

There is truly something for everyone regardless of what their price range is. One of the cheapest ways to get everything that you need to start enjoying electronic cigarettes is to purchase a starter kit. There are a lot of different starter kits out there for electronic cigarettes. Anyone who is at least eighteen years of age or older can enjoy all of the benefits that electronic cigarettes can provide. Starter kits usually provide all of the required accessories needed to start using an electronic cigarette. Sometimes buying a starter kit is cheaper than buying each item separately. You may also find special deals online that you will not find anywhere else.

Perks and Benefits

There are a lot of perks associated with using electronic cigarettes. You can use them just about anywhere. A lot of smokers say that they cannot tell a difference between their old traditional tobacco cigarettes and their new electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette vapor does not taste exactly like traditional tobacco smoke. The water vapor from an electronic cigarette does not taste as harsh as a traditional tobacco cigarette. There are a lot of different blends and flavors available.

smokestik makes online ordering easy - at

Smoke Stik has a long list of blends for smokers to take delight in when purchasing on their sitebuy smokestik flavored carts

Available Flavored Refill SmokeStik Refill Cartomizers

• Cherry
• Chocolate
• Vanilla
• Coffee
• Grape
• Strawberry
• Menthol


Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes, and those savings can go even further when you purchase online


v2 cigs electronic ciarette starter kit

V2 Cigs are one of the most afford types of electronic cigarettes delivering premium products and unbeatable service, lifetime warranty and strict quality testing.


Saving money in today’s day in age is important. Imagine the other areas of your budget that you could apply the money that you save when you make the switch to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes truly are smokeless. You can enjoy them anywhere that you like. They do not produce any ashes. You will no longer have to sneak out of the office to enjoy a cigarette. You can smoke in your car guilt free because you will not be harming the passengers that are also in your car. Electronic cigarettes are completely odorless.

How to Use an Electronic Cigarette

Once you purchase your electronic cigarette you will only need to charge your battery and load a nicotine cartridge before you will be able to start enjoying your electronic cigarette. It is recommended that you charge the battery of your electronic cigarette for at least a period of four hours or more.

You should let the battery of your electronic cigarette go completely dead before you charge it again. You will lengthen the life of your battery if you do. Once you are charged up and have a nicotine cartridge in your electronic cigarette, you are ready to enjoy all of the benefits and pleasures of smoking an electronic cigarette.

General Need to Know Information Concerning Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes

One refill cartridge is roughly the amount of a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. There are approximately three hundred puffs on an electronic cigarette refill cartridge. This amount can vary depending on the length of the drags that you take from your smokeless cigarette. The battery in an electronic cigarette can last as long as four to six hours.

There is not an on or off button on an electronic cigarette. The battery is only activated once you take a drag off of the electronic smokeless cigarette. Electronic smokeless cigarettes are durable. When you are looking to buy electronic cigarettes you can rest easy knowing that you are making a reliable and solid purchase.

The Warning Associated With Electronic Cigarettes
When you buy electronic cigarettes you should be well aware of the risk factors. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you may want to consult with your doctor before you buy electronic cigarettes. If you are pregnant, taking medication for depression or asthma, or have a family history of heart disease, you may not want to buy electronic cigarettes. You may find that they will do you more harm than good. Electronic cigarettes can be very helpful to some people, but to other folks they are more harmful than they are helpful. You should carefully consider the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes before you purchase one.

Important Information Concerning the Use of Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is easy to operate. All you need to do is insert the liquid nicotine cartridge of your choice into the electronic smokeless cigarette and start puffing. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are very simple to use. You can charge your electronic smokeless cigarette with a USB charger, a car charger, or a wall charger. Users should be aware that electronic cigarettes do not contain near as many cancer causing agents that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. Electronic cigarettes are definitely the best choice if you are looking for a safer alternative to tobacco. You should know that electronic cigarettes may be better for your health than tobacco, but they are not completely risk free. Electronic smokeless cigarettes do come with their own hazards. Cartridges and filter tips for electronic cigarettes are made to last the test of time. Refill cartridges can stay fresh for a period as long as one year if you do not open them. Once they are opened they will stay fresh for over two weeks. The refill cartridges can have varying amounts of nicotine in them.


Basic Components

All electronic cigarettes have some basic components in common, though quality varies between brands. Components include:
• Glowing tip
• Rechargeable battery
• Atomizer
• Cartridge
• Cartomizer combines atomizer and cartridge in some

An orange glowing tip gives the feel of a lit cigarette, as well as indicating when the battery needs replacing. All have a rechargeable battery to power the water vapor. There needs to be an atomizer to produce the vapor, as well. This vapor is what gives the feel of smoking, without the smoke. Flavor cartridges vary by brands, but trying different ones can help you find which you prefer. They should not block the smooth flow of the vapor, however.

Top brands have different features that make one preferable over another. Though personal taste and preference enter into the decision, a brand that is popular among the most people indicates that they have something that is working for the majority. Though your personal taste can lead you to choose a different brand than what is most popular, it is good to start with name brands when you buy electronic cigarette online. That helps you get the features that most appeal to users in a smoke-free electronic cigarette.

V2 Cigs

One of the top brands to look at to buy electronic cigarette purchases online is V2 Cigs. They can be found at . They have an interactive website that shows you what your starter kit will look like as you choose the colors, sizes, and styles of starter items. As you go, you can find some combos that will make your selections even lower in cost. You have virtually unlimited combinations of flavors and styles, as well as being able to select the strength that most suits your taste.

Shipping is inexpensive, meaning you don’t offset any savings when you buy electronic cigarette purchases online by having to pay extra shipping costs. Products are shipped foil-wrapped for safety and freshness. Product dating insures you always receive fresh products.

This company has a unique feature not offered by any others. They have batch reports available to users. You send them your batch number and they will send you a report of the ingredients to insure uniformity and lets you know the strength of nicotine. You can also check that there are no additional additives present that are not supposed to be there. This means you get quality assurance with this brand when you buy electronic cigarette purchases online.

V2 Cigs has several new products that will give you added enjoyment when you buy electronic cigarette online. These include carrying cases. Some of the features of their unique carrying cases are:
• Charge the battery for a number of times
• Metal for added protection
• Room to include spare batteries

Express kits are available that are complete products, but with less numbers of each component. This allows you to cheaply try the product for the first time, or to replenish or expand your current product. When you buy electronic cigarette online, it helps if you can ‘try before you buy.’ Additional products are car chargers and chargers that plug into a USB port. This gives you the most versatility.

South Beach Smoke

Next is South Beach Smoke, obtainable at . These have many of the same features, which you almost always find when you buy electronic cigarette purchases online. They include a lighted tip that indicates use and battery life. They have an atomized cartridge and filter combined. This insures a new and clean smoke every time the cartridge is changed, but without having to clean and maintain a separate atomizer.

The lithium ion battery and charger are unique to this brand. It is not interchangeable with other similar batteries or chargers. It does have a high rated value, and will give a minimum of 200 uses before changing is necessary.

These units have a couple of precautions that help keep your smoking activity safer. If you inhale too quickly or too many times, the light on the end will flash to remind the user to take fewer and/or smaller inhalations. After the designated number of inhalations, the computerized unit will automatically begin to clean itself. The light will glow continuously to let the user know it is in the cleaning mode.

If you choose to buy electronic cigarette online from South Beach Smoke, you will have a number of starter kits from which to choose. There are basic kits that are inexpensive, but with limited components. Other kits, increasingly more inclusive, and thus more expensive, include:
• Chargers
• Carrying cases
• Spare parts additional cartridges

Everything comes with a 30-day complete guarantee, so your trial is risk-free. If you find you do not like what you bought, return it for a full refund.

Smoke Stik

Another of the major companies is Smoke Stik, . It has many good features, as well. One thing that sets them off is a trial sample of their Smoke Stik that you can order without having to invest in a complete starter kit. Also, you can very inexpensively order a trial package of all their flavors in one sample pack. This means you don’t have to order a whole pack of a single flavor, maybe paying for several items of a flavor that you do not like. When you buy electronic cigarette online it is nice to have ways to check it out before getting committed to an expensive investment.

Though the USDA hasn’t approved electronic cigarettes for stopping smoking, they do help smokers to enjoy the benefits of smoking without having to worry about chemicals that are harmful. When you buy electronic cigarette you know you can enjoy the pure liquid nicotine without worrying about second hand smoke or nasty chemicals.